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21st Century Work Life and leading remote teams

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Aug 31, 2017

In this episode, Pilar talks to David Burkus, author of “Under New Management”, an overview of those organisations experimenting with new ways of leading teams and managing people.


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David Burkus is the author of Under New Management: How Leading Organisations Are Upending Business as Usual. Grab the book now!

We reflect on what a long way technology has come and how we’re so lucky to have seen how it has evolved.

David’s work as Professor. His location is fantastic for going to and from speaking engagements!

How much David takes from the classroom to your work as author and speaker and viceversa? What do business students expect to learn? What are their attitudes towards the world of work?

David talks about the sports’ “team captain” as the analogy for the leadership roles business students are likely to adopt when they enter the world of work.

David refers to this article: “Let’s Hear it for B Players”, HBR June 2003
Pilar refers to this episode of Radio Free Leader.

How David decided which practices to include in Under New Management. They needed to have a few examples, influenced by academic research and covering a broad type of companies.

David’s realization about how the book should have been written.

We talk a bit about the topics in the book and how best to approach the book practically.

How come nothing like “remote work”, “working from home” has been included in the book?

What he discovered about the best organisational leaders as he interviewed them.

David also teaches creativity, we talk a bit about that. (He’s written the book “The Myths of Creativity”.)

Pilar recommends the book “Impro”, by Keith Johnstone

David’s collaborative writing process and his plans for a third book.

David’s journey as podcaster and how he numbers his episodes by season. Still, he’s been podcasting for eight years now! Check out his podcast:

Radio Free Leader

We talk about the world of podcasting and how it’s evolving.

David has been reading: “Stealing Fire” by Steven Kotler and Jamie Weal

“The Marshmallow Test” by Walter Mischel

Kindle and local libraries.

Connect with David through his website: