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21st Century Work Life and leading remote teams

Enjoy our episodes on how the world of work (and our attitude to work) is changing. 
And every other week, we talk specifically about working in virtual teams. 

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Dec 15, 2016

Pilar talks to Mauricio Salatino about working in Open Source software and a working remotely within an organisation. 


Asynchronous feedback and assuming positive intent.

Online course on leading remote teams:

In person course in London and Birmingham 2017

The Conversation with Mauricio Salatino

Starts 11:05mins Mauricio lent Pilar the Hardback edition of Open Organization, great book. We talk about it.
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Reading a book about the organisation you're in and seeing that indeed it does reflect the culture you're part of.

What Red Hat does broadly.
How do you get involved in an open source project? Turning a hobby into a full-paid position.

The open source mindset and being trusted to represent your company in public.

Sharing your work in public.

Mauricio's specialisms - creating software.

Working in a remote set-up.
Different kinds of meetings.
Working hours.

Cv? What cv? Do we really need a cv in the 21st Century?

How freedom decreases with scale, as more people are affected by our decisions. "What you can produce with seven people is different to what you create with forty."

Step by step approach to creating an organic team process. The value of "self-discovered beaurocracy"