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Jul 6, 2017

In this episode Pilar talks to David Horowitz, co-founder and CEO of Retrium about why he created a tool to guide teams through retrospectives and how he’s growing a distributed business.

How we fall in and out of love with tools.

The origins of Retrium. Pre-build facilitation techniques in a package.

(If you would like some inspiration on running retrospectives or review meetings, check out episode 19 of this podcast.

From idea to finding a co-finder and building a business.

Recruiting in a distributed team. Finding the right people for a remote team.

What helps people gather as an online community?

What helps a person create connections in a community? Do people need to be good at “being remote”?

What can you tell if a person is a good match for your distributed company?

Retrium’s latest hires and the role that social media can play.

The importance of culture in remote teams and distributed businesses. (Yes, it does play a role, it is still important!) Emergence of culture and defining culture.

Let’s talk about Retrium!

How has the product developed and how has the initial vision changed and remained the same? How do you decide which facilitation tool you incorporate?

From team improvement to organisational / across-teams improvement.

How do you use a facilitation technique in a way that can lead to change?

The four different types of retrospectives in Retrium.

Retrium is also being used by all kinds of companies, not just within Agile.

How Retrium uses Retrium.

The Youtube channel:

The ebook “Become a Retrospective Rockstar”