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21st Century Work Life and leading remote teams

Brought to you by Virtual not Distant, the 21st Century Work Life podcast looks at leading remote teams, online collaboration and working in distributed organisations.

Join Pilar Orti, guests & co-hosts as they shine the spotlight on the most relevant themes and news relevant to the modern knowledge worker.

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Jul 24, 2015

Tells us your team experience.

00:30 Pilar introduces the topic of team identity, before we move onto how to address it in virtual teams.

16:00 Lisette and Pilar share their professional updates: tutoring, trademarks and "being copied".

24:13 What is team identity?

29:30 Team identification - when we identify ourselves with the team. Different identities.

32:00 What's in a name?  Team identity and motivation.

43:58 Symbols and metaphors; the stories we tell in the team.

49:20 How we view the outside world - being careful that teams working together or offices working as one team, don't fall into 'us' vs 'them'. We talk about this interview with Hugo Messer. Being deliberate about growing team identity and creating the one that will be helpful.

55:00 What do we do if our team is turning into a team we don't like? What happens when we don't feel part of our team?

01:00:00 Creating a team history by sharing stories. Team identity allows us to be vulnerable and trust others.