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21st Century Work Life and leading remote teams

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Oct 26, 2017

Is asking “which tool when” the right question to be asking? And how is a training programme for remote team managers different to that for office-based managers?


We welcome Maya to Virtual not Distant. You can read her first contribution to our blog here:

Thanks to guest Chris Slemp, who tells us about his new venture/conversation-starter: Which Tool When?

You can find out more about what Chris does, how he views the world of collaboration and why he advocates for an “office optional” approach by listening to episode WLP123 Building a Collaboration Environment

To read the article on which this episode is based on, head over here:

There are three steps to developing the programme:

1) Getting yourself ready by assessing how culture will affect remote work, what technology is available to managers and their teams and what support people will get, how and when.

2) Develop the content, bearing in mind that you might need to cover self-awareness (in relation to communication preferences and tech preferences in particular), working out loud, designing for spontaneity, creating/adapting a team charter and technical training on tools.

3) How will you deliver the training? There needs to be an experiential component to the programme, including participating in video meetings and taking part in thorough asynchronous conversations.

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