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21st Century Work Life and leading remote teams

Brought to you by Virtual not Distant, the 21st Century Work Life podcast looks at leading remote teams, online collaboration and working in distributed organisations.

Join Pilar Orti, guests & co-hosts as they shine the spotlight on the most relevant themes and news relevant to the modern knowledge worker.

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Jun 23, 2016

In today's episode, Pilar talks to Richard A MacKinnon from the Future Work Centre, about the World of Work model and taking an evidence-based approach to making changes in our organisations. 


Pilar talks about her experience in in-person conferences (she gets very tired...).

How proxemics inform our online communication - see Sococo screenshot.

Changing the Context of communication in virtual teams, to allow for different people to engage.

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The Conversation with Richard A. MacKinnon from The Future Work Centre

19:40mins What does The Future Work Centre do?

Pilar met Richard at the E-Resilience Conference. Hear more about this in a previous episode.
The problem with 'top tips'.

"The public has a real appetite for science."

Think Like a Scientist!

The World of Work Model:

"People don't get up in the morning with the goal of making bad decisions."

On employee engagement:

Next seminar on 22 Sept 2016, London:

Insight into Action events:

Beware of 'confirmation bias' and 'action bias'.

Annual performance reviews: what's the evidence to say they don't work?

Events at the Future of Work Centre

New research area: Management and Leadership


Get in touch with Richard: info [at]
Follow on Twitter @fw_centre