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21st Century Work Life and leading remote teams

Brought to you by Virtual not Distant, the 21st Century Work Life podcast looks at leading remote teams, online collaboration and working in distributed organisations.

Join Pilar Orti, guests & co-hosts as they shine the spotlight on the most relevant themes and news relevant to the modern knowledge worker.

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Sep 15, 2016

In this slightly shorter episode than usual, Pilar and Lisette talk about Digital Detox. How about you? Do you take breaks from your tech?

We catch up after almost a month of not podcasting together!
Lisette tells us about her honeymoon (not a virtual one!) and her book developments.
Pilar talks about.. podcasting. Check out GuideDoc if you like documentaries.

Lisette went on a digital vacation. Read Lisette's post here:
Professional and personal life are led through the same devices.
Finding a sense of balance between on and off screen time.
The need and addiction of being connected to others. FOMO.
(Tell us if you take these digital vacations or digital detox!)

How some people have an out of office that says that all emails received during time off will be deleted, email again.
Who should set our own boundaries.
A digital holiday or just a holiday?