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21st Century Work Life - remote working, virtual teams and flexible working.

Enjoy our episodes on how the world of work (and our attitude to work) is changing. 
And every other week, we talk specifically about working in virtual teams. 

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Oct 19, 2017


We meet Sandra Lewis, founder and CEO of Worldwide101, a company made up of premium virtual assistants.

Sandra talks about how she set up the company, after noticing the number of freelancer websites popping up.

She talks about how she assembled the team, the importance of values and of...

Oct 12, 2017


Why does everyone want to be “busy” all the time and why are so many of us rushing around? Join Pilar and Lisette for today’s virtual coffee.

Thanks to our listener Louise for her feedback on the article we discussed in episode 140 on sensors in the workplace.

Oct 5, 2017


In today’s episode, Richard A. MacKinnon explains the concept of psychological flexibility and how we can change our behaviour to be values-led rather than emotion-led.

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Sep 29, 2017

Further reflections after yesterday's episode on how employees are being tracked so that customers can get better service. 

I also came across this article to complement our short discussion on the nature and future of education: 

Who's Building the Infrastructure for Lifelong Learning by Linda Gratton. 

Sep 28, 2017


In this episode, Pilar and Lisette discuss five articles that have caught their eye in the last few months.

(1) Scraping data from LinkedIn to get insights into your employees. Hmm…

“The law's authors could not possibly have envisioned such a scenario when drawing up the bill....