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21st Century Work Life and leading remote teams

Enjoy our episodes on how the world of work (and our attitude to work) is changing. 
And every other week, we talk specifically about working in virtual teams. 

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Apr 27, 2017

In today's episode, Pilar talks through the things we can tweak as individuals, to make our virtual meetings comfortable. 19:25mins

Virtual meetings are gradually becoming one more way of talking to those you work with. And if organisations want their employees from different departments to network with each other,...

Apr 20, 2017

In today's episode, Pilar and Lisette share their experiences in virtual coworking and highlight those elements that can be applied to working in a virtual team.

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Apr 13, 2017

What contributes to team members trusting each other in virtual teams? In today's episode, we present a range of thoughts, questions and suggestions to help maintain trust in virtual teams.


“If we don’t have the trust, eventually you don’t have a team, you have a bunch of...

Apr 13, 2017

This is the full version of our live broadcast earlier in the year. For an edited version of the conversation, with other thoughts and reflections, and show notes, check out episode 117. 


Apr 6, 2017

In today's episode, Lisette and Pilar continue their conversation about how the collocated space can evolve by adopting virtual teamwork practices.

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Quite a long catch-up today, but it's all related to...