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21st Century Work Life and leading remote teams

Brought to you by Virtual not Distant, the 21st Century Work Life podcast looks at leading remote teams, online collaboration and working in distributed organisations.

Join Pilar Orti, guests & co-hosts as they shine the spotlight on the most relevant themes and news relevant to the modern knowledge worker.

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May 11, 2017

Pilar talks to Paul Thoresen about developing teams, trust, and using surveys in organisations. 

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Paul talks about what he learned during his attendance to the
Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology' conference in Orlando.

  • The importance of change management for organisational psychology professionals, most of what we introduce in organisations is going to involve change.

  • Experimenting vs piloting; they're different things.

Look for Episode 9 of the Evidence Talks podcast with Paul

  • There's a lot of research at the moment around teams. Paul recommends us to check out the work of Suzanne Bell

Teams and groups; not everyone forms a team and that's ok!

Sentiment analysis.

  • The importance of propensity to trust and swift trust.

(Check out episode 117 in this podcast, A Question of Trust and the blog post )

How we can show we have integrity, competence and benevolent in virtual teams?

Paul mentions this article from Science for Work:

Teams Going Virtual: Why Focusing on Trust Matters

To create strong teams, you need the processes around it.

Dissecting the team.

  • Using surveys in organisations.
    "Survey readiness checklist"

  • Dialogic OD

  • Paul's work. Social media as a support mechanism for freelancers.

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